23 - 24 FEB, 2020

The Crowne Plaza

Dubai, UAE

Significant Corrosion technical conference in Middle East for Industry Leaders

Corrosion technical conference in Middle East. Commencing from 23 – 24 February 2020 to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, will feature professionals, speakers and leaders from the GCC countries – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait – and other continents to share knowledge, and discuss innovative ideas and benchmark the best practices for years to come.

The technical session at the MECOR conference will feature important topics in the new technologies and scientific breakthroughs in Asset Reliability and Corrosion Management Systems, and Sustainability in the Middle East. The presentation on these topics will be of 20 minutes with question and answer session follow-up. The conference will bring on solutions and technical advancements to meet the corrosion challenges, emphasizing efficient corrosion control can help save billions of dollars.

MECOR 2020 Conference & Exhibition will be a platform, where government officials, decision-makers, industry experts, notable professionals and more – across diverse industries, geographies and innovations will take part. Speakers wishing to do a presentation at the technical presentation can upload or submit their abstracts via MECOR 2020 Event website under call for abstracts section.

The committee members, consisting of experts from major oil and gas and petroleum companies, will review the abstracts to ensure the technical conference has content that will benefit the participants and industry.

Corrosion technical conference in Middle East for three days, on technological advances and solutions to meet the corrosion challenges in the fourth Industrial revolution, with over 500 delegates and 200 companies joining in from 23 – 24 February 2020. And connect to: metallurgists, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, coating specialists and directors, technology providers, research and development executives, operation managers, team leaders, pipeline engineers and more so on.

Call for papers for Middle East Corrosion technical conference is now open. For suggested topics and technical categories for paper proposals one can visit our website: www.middleeastcorrosion.com to avail speaking opportunities as MECOR 2020 offers an opportunity to tackle Industry’s tough corrosion challenges in the industry.

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