23 - 24 FEB, 2020

The Crowne Plaza

Dubai, UAE

Middle East Corrosion Conference and Exhibition to be held from 23 to 24 February, 2020, in Dubai, UAE

Middle East Corrosion Conference and Exhibition to be held from 23 to 24 February, 2020, in Dubai, UAE, aims to bring oil and gas field operators and engineers together along with experts and leaders from the industry fraternity of power utilities, petroleum and defense.

MECOR 2020 is set to be a discussion platform, ensuring hassle-free operations via asset integrity and incessant flow of oil and gas to the end users for oil and gas pipelines, which undergo material degradations due to corrosion every year. The damage caused due to corrosion affects not only oil and gas industry but also other industries.

Oil and Gas Events focus on many aspects and issues that industry deals and innovations to embrace the change and keep moving with the times. Nevertheless, Middle East Corrosion Conference and Exhibition as an oil and gas event will be a congregation of professionals and thinkers to discuss the constant corrosion issues and its mitigation and prevention.

Speakers at MECOR 2020 technical conference will be presenting technical papers relation corrosion control techniques, principals of corrosion, usage of inhibitors and protective coatings, selection of materials and innovations to boost the integrity of assets and save billions of dollars squandered on corrosion problems through corrosion mitigation and prevention.

Besides, at Crowne Plaza the venue for Middle East Corrosion Conference will have a plenary session on corrosion factors and its impact on the regional economy as the event is a focus driven technical conference steered by subject matter experts from the National Oil and Gas operators and other major companies in the Middle East to combat continuous corrosion challenges through mitigation and prevention.

MECOR 2020 is a must-attend event for professionals, experts, leaders as well as thinkers hailing from the Gulf region and around the world for insightful discussions and technical papers on the latest technological advancements and solutions to address the corrosion challenges, and an opportunity for pioneering companies to showcase their products and/or services at the designated exhibition areas.

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