23 - 24 FEB, 2020

The Crowne Plaza

Dubai, UAE

2020 Corrosion Event in Dubai

2020 Corrosion Event in DubaiCorrosion Event for Oil and Gas Industry, Middle East Corrosion Conference and Exhibition (MECOR 2020) in Dubai, UAE. Experts, leaders, professionals, buyers and sellers from neighboring countries Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait as well as from around the world will be attending the event, which is taking place from 23 – 24 February, 2020.

As a major business city in the Gulf region, Dubai’s business meetings and showcase events lend it a splendid charm. In this bustling cosmopolitan business and recreation go side by side. With world-class attractions and ease of travels, conferences and exhibitions are part of day-to-day life.  As a host city to MECOR 2020 Corrosion Event, the city is all set to attract hundreds of oil and gas and petrochemical professionals and experts, technology providers, coating directors and specialists, corrosion engineers, team leaders to have face to face meeting, access opportunities, gain insights, best practices and industry trends to help achieve the expectations required today at their workplace.

Corrosion causes huge financial losses to the industry every year. For leaders, containing corrosion is not an option but a necessity. As they say big ideas need positive platform. The event will be a productive meeting point for leaders & professionals to tackle the corrosion control, protection and prevention challenges.

Middle East Corrosion 2020 Event, MECOR is premier knowledge-based platform for Oil and Gas and Petroleum, Energy, Coatings and Linings and other associated industries, to empower buyers, suppliers, leaders, professionals, and to reduce ‘financial burden’ due to Corrosion for industry and economy.

Conversations, discussions, technical sessions, interviews, exhibition of products and innovative technology – all that Dubai has to host through Middle East Corrosion Conference and Exhibition.

MECOR 2020 is dedicated to visionary leaders and persevering professionals. To be there in Dubai for this leading 2020 Corrosion Event in Dubai, aspiring delegates can visit www.middleeastcorrosion.com for more information.

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